Dispelling the Myths & Uncovering the Risks: Vaping, Cannabis, Drugs & Alcohol Use in Teens
Become more informed of the latest trends and risks

October 12, 3:30-4:45pm
Presenter: Gretchen Hagenbuch, Caron Treatment Center Professionals
Audience: Audience: All MS and US teachers, administrators, Counselors, Learning Specialists, Deans of Students, Advisors

Meet the Presenter:
Gretchen Hagenbuch, M.Ed, CPS
As a coordinator of student assistance programs, Gretchen Hagenbuch creates opportunities for new programming, supervises lead specialists, and helps to maintain the highest quality of service in educational and prevention services. The programming she and the specialists she supervises provide includes educational sessions and psychoeducational groups that deal with issues such as anger and stress management, grief support, mindfulness, and resiliency for high school students as well as workshops and trainings for parents and educators.

Gretchen joined Caron in 2018, bringing a wealth of experience. Prior to joining Caron’s Education Department, she worked for a non-profit, providing alcohol and drug prevention education all over the United States as well as 16 countries. She was a dean of students in the Philadelphia school system, as well as a faculty member and varsity coach at St. Andrew’s School in Delaware.

Gretchen has worked closely with public, private, day, boarding, and international school communities and has an ability to connect with both adolescents and adults with ease. She holds a Master of Education degree from Cabrini College and is a certified prevention specialist.