Catalyzing Conversation Around Change in Education
Co-creating new visions
September 23, 2021    4:00-5:15pm
Sustainable change in education starts with collective new visions - but how do we co-create shared visions within our classrooms and communities? In this session we’ll learn from the 100 Days of Conversations project, which catalyzed conversations in schools and communities across the country between January 20th - April 29th, 2021. We’ll discuss themes that emerged and next steps for facilitating conversations and new visions in your community, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a statewide effort across Pennsylvania.

Dr. Erin Lynn Raab, Co-Founder of Reenvisioned and Chief Strategy and Impact Officer for Choice-Filled Lives Network
Dr. Erin Lynn Raab is an effervescent thinker, doer and researcher. Erin has ignited and enabled pathways forward for thinking deeply about the purpose in education. Her frameworks, and her academic scholarship have taken her from starting a library in South Africa to a multiple disciplinary doctoral degree at Stanford University. Erin’s work goes beyond questions of the ways we do school to the WHY. Her systems thinking approach knocks down walls between the disciplines to remind us that we are all in this together. Erin’s insights have enabled structure around answers to the BIG questions. She sees the world full of changemakers, and empowers us to be part of that change. Check out her blog on Medium for more!