Not Gradeless, but Grading Less
Join the conversation of the benefits and practicalities of grading less
October 14, 2021 • 4:00-5:15pm
Going gradeless. Sounds so empowering, right? To go grade free means to reject an established and relatively universal method that reports learning outcomes and behavioral expectations of students. But for many teachers, going entirely gradeless is not a possibility in their teaching contexts. That said, this session will focus on the fact that it is still possible to create a culture in classrooms or schools that deemphasizes grades and emphasizes learning. 

This session will focus on The Three Points of Light for Grading Less. We will share a framework, a mindset and adapted practices that minimize the power of letter grades, points, and percentages without entirely doing away with grades. Led by Berwick Academy teacher Brad Belin, a teacher and instructional coach in Maine, and Dr. Jane Shore, an edu-research practitioner, the session will take big ideas and share ways to make them usable.

Brad Belin teaches 8th Grade Social Studies, and is the Chair of the History/Social Studies Department at Berwick Academy, a co-educational, pre-k to grade 12, day and boarding school in South Berwick, Maine, United States.

Brad Belin is a creative, forward-thinking, and progressive educational thought-leader, who is currently in his fourth year at Berwick Academy in South Berwick, ME. While working directly with 8th graders in his Social Studies classes remains his jam, Brad is equally as passionate about working alongside teachers, and is entering his first year as a “Learning + Design” Coach at Berwick. Brad believes deeply in the power of student-directed learning, PBL, and authentic assessments rooted in real-world contexts. As Founder and Director for Authentic Learning at Beacon 21 Educational Consultants, Brad has had the great fortune of working closely with passionate educators and district leaders on cultivating and fostering a more visible student-directed culture, so that their students can thrive as catalysts of their own learning. A New England native (Go Pats!) Brad and his wife currently reside in Kennebunk, ME alongside their three young children, where you can find them either enjoying the beach, or running around in the snow!