Measuring Well Being

How to use measurement and data science to support the well being of students
November 11, 2021 • 4:00-5:15pm
Schools measure so much about students—their academic performance, their growth over time, how many courses they take—so why wouldn’t they carefully measure how they’re doing in terms of student health and well-being? But asking, “How are our students doing?” seems so nebulous and is skewed toward anecdotal responses. Measurement and data science are metrics that matter.

This session will move from research to practice with regard to the measurement of well-being. We will be joined by a researcher, teacher coach, and classroom teacher, all educators who are deeply invested in the heart of well-being, speaking to the WHY, HOW and WHAT to measure.

Kavita Tanna
Kavita is the founder of social enterprise, Globally Reconnect, a coach and a facilitator of mission-driven work with communities around the world. She is guided by the philosophy, accredited to Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Kavita's mission is to connect with like-minded individuals who wish to empower all people through meaningful, interconnected, and globally-minded conversations.

In regular one-to-one meetings, facilitation of team gatherings and large group workshops, Kavita coaches school leaders and classroom educators to recognise the roles they play in shaping the identities, attitudes and behaviours of all learners. By co-designing learning experiences, she offers practical ideas for global and intercultural-mindedness for all learners, including parents, educators and leaders.

Through her work as a passionate advocate and mentor for social-emotional-ethical intelligence and wellbeing integration in the lives of all people, Kavita’s vision is to create a harmonious world in which all living systems can flourish. 

Jodi Miller, M.S. Ed
Jodi, the creator of WellCheq, is a former high school teacher passionate about supporting students and cultivating their potential. She is fascinated by how stress affects the brains and bodies of our children. Jodi graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her BA in the Biological Basis of Behavior in 2014 and with her Master’s degrees in Education Policy and Secondary Education in 2015. After leaving Penn, she taught 10th grade biology and 12th grade anatomy in Philadelphia for three years. During her tenure, she loved watching her students thrive. Together, they achieved a 400% increase in proficiency on the state Biology exam. Jodi’s experience teaching inspired her to pursue a PhD. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, she focuses on how experiencing trauma can affect students’ ability to achieve at their highest level. Her research examines how aspects of school climate can serve as a buffer against stress. Jodi loves working with students and teachers, whose roles are complex, crucial, and extremely rewarding. Not all superheroes wear capes :)

Kristen Rhodes Beland 
Kristen Rhodes Beland is a 2019-20 Teach Plus Rhode Island Policy Fellow. A returning Fellow, Kristen is a 4th grade teacher at the Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School in North Kingstown, RI. Previously, she served as an integration specialist implementing the SmART program developed by Brown University and has been involved in the integration of technology into the district, leading professional development in digital citizenship for the N.K. Google Summits. She was lead theatrical director, bringing together groups of 75 students to gain confidence through acting. She has published op-eds on empathy and on the importance of trust driving student relationships. Kristen has led her school to become trauma-informed and has become a strong advocate for SEL. She was a 2013 Golden Apple Recipient. Kristen graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Salve Regina University.