A PAIS Community of Thought Gathering: The Sleep-Deprived Teen
The science behind the importance of sleep and strategies schools can use to encourage sleep in their teens!

April 13, 4:00-5:00pm
Facilitator: Dr. Jane Shore School of Thought Researcher
Guest Presenter: TBD
Audience: MS and US teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Deans of Students, Advisors

Join this PAIS Community of Thought program to learn more about the latest research of why sleep matters during the adolescent years, and tips and strategies to promote healthy sleep habits. Poor sleep is linked to mental health challenges as well as academic and athletic success. Well-rested teens are happier, healthier, resilient, and more successful in the classroom and the athletic field.

Meet the Facilitator:
Dr. Jane Shore
Jane is a corner sitter, energized by the perspectives gained at the intersections between research & practice, data capture & sharing impact, learning & leading, stories & visuals. Lately, she has been focused on exploring answers to the question, “What is the purpose of school?” Jane joined Revolution School in 2018. Her official title is Head of Research and Innovation and in this role, she has co-founded a professional learning community called School of Thought. Jane’s latest obsession is creating hand-drawn visualizations of complex ideas and findings from research to help connect them to users of research. She wholeheartedly desires, as @monachalabi puts it, “to take the numb out of numbers.” Jane’s passion lies in using research to aid in improving outcomes for traditionally under-resourced populations. From positions as a human rights activist in San Pedro, Costa Rica to a teacher, educator, and documentarian in Washington, DC, she aims to bring the research story to practical conversations. Her work has appeared in educational journals and book chapters. Check out her blog on Substack.