“To survive in the 21st Century schools need to be light on their feet and able to adapt to rapid changes in the educational environment. To facilitate this need, it is essential to have an accreditation system that is willing to be flexible and allow for adjustments even at the last minute to meet new challenges. While long-term strategic planning is still valuable, one sees increasingly that the long-term plan has to address how the school will respond to quick changes in the future. It was with some concern that I looked forward to meeting with the accreditors because I wished to significantly alter the school’s original proposal in the light of recent events at the school. However, I was delighted by my first experience of accreditation with PAIS. The visitors showed a willingness to listen to the school’s ideas about moving forward even though they were not traditional and they offered useful suggestions as to how we might implement them more effectively. Thanks PAIS!”
Adrian Allan, Head of School, Harrisburg Academy

"Sewickley Academy deeply appreciates our partnership with the PAIS Office of Accreditation Services during our most recent accreditation. The Director of Accreditation, in particular, worked closely with us as we modified our approach to the Self-Study, beginning with Essential Questions and modeling the structure on our curricular design framework. By ensuring accountability but also doing so in a way that best met our needs, PAIS certainly fulfilled its role as an accrediting body but did so in a way that affirmed the way we approach our work. The Visiting Team appreciated the Self-Study as a foundation examining our practices. Their report was a gratifying affirmation of our continuing efforts to improve what we do, accompanied by a set of tremendously helpful recommendations to guide our future work. Far from demanding a cookie-cutter process, PAIS seeks to accommodate the individual efforts of schools in the rigorous process of self-examination and review. Having completed two full decennial accreditations with PAIS, I can say that the organization continues to improve its processes to deliver the outstanding level of service that member schools need."
Kolia John O'Connor, Head of School, Sewickley Academy

"The PAIS accreditation process allowed our school community the opportunity to look inward to our efforts in all areas of the school. Thanks to the process the community engaged in many conversations focused on improvement and growth. We asked ourselves tough questions and participated in a solid, community-wide reflection. All of us enjoyed the visit from the team. Meeting peer educators and learning from them while they learned from us is a part of the process that benefits all schools. The PAIS accreditation process is thorough and demanding; however, it is a process that is determining school excellence so perhaps it should be."
Deirdre V. Cryor, Head of School, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr

“The PAIS accreditation process was extremely beneficial for Kiski. We used the PAIS visiting team’s report as a launching point to develop our new strategic plan. Almost all of the initiatives in our plan emanate from the report. PAIS accreditation is very valuable, especially for smaller schools that might not have the financial resources to engage an outside planning consultant.” 
Christopher A. Brueningsen, Head of School, The Kiski School

"From the beginning stages of supporting our preparation to engage in the Self Study process, to our comprehensive approach to involving every member of the school community, to participating during our intensive time with the Visiting Team on campus, to the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the final report, the PAIS accreditation process was built upon the attributes that define independent education at its best: a commitment to high standards, collegiality, integrity, quality, improvement, individuality, and respect. These traits were exemplified by our Visiting Team, and especially the Chair, whose leadership, investment in our process, and openness to collaborate with honesty and clarity established the tone from the onset."
Paul Lindenmaier, Head of School, Buckingham Friends School