PAIS, under its Commission for Accreditation, offers a means to standards-based accreditation using a comprehensive set of standards for private independent schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Accreditation ensures the public that member schools meet and maintain articulated standards of educational excellence.

The fundamental principle underlying the operation of PAIS is that a school should be evaluated by the association’s standards in light of the school’s own philosophy.

PAIS provides member schools with professional peer review by teachers and administrators from other member schools. The process of thorough and honest self-study followed by a review and on-site visit by a committee provides schools with a fuller understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, enables them to become stronger. It is also through the accreditation process that schools hold themselves publicly accountable to all who seek assurance that they meet accepted standards of educational quality, operation, and staff competence. While each school is accredited based on its individual philosophy, the standards provide a consistent and uniform measure by which all schools are evaluated.

Authorization to accredit member schools has been granted to the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools by the Pennsylvania Department of Education under the provisions of the Private Academic Schools Act No. 1988-11.

PAIS is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA).