The Commission for Accreditation oversees the Self Study and evaluation of candidate schools. Members of the PAIS Commission for Accreditation are appointed from among member accredited schools. For each school evaluation, the Commission considers the Report of the Visiting Committee and makes a recommendation for accreditation to the PAIS Board for ratification.

Commissioners and PAIS Board members often assume additional responsibilities to uphold and strengthen the quality of independent schools. They may chair visitation committees, assist candidate schools in understanding the PAIS accreditation standards and processes, and provide mentoring to schools facing special challenges.


Dana Harrison, Head of School, Newtown Friends School

Sharon Dupree, Head of School, Hope Partnership for Education
Matthew Evans, Head of School, St. Peter's School
Jan Gillespie, Head of School, Janus School
Jay Harvey, Director of Accreditation, PAIS
Eric C. Jones, Head of School, Community Partnership School
Sally Keidel, Head of School, Agnes Irwin School
Carrie Kries, Head of School, Gladwyne Montessori School
Sharon Levin, Former Head of School

Gary J. Niels, Executive Director, PAIS
Michael O'Toole, Principal, La Salle College High School
Rod Stanton, Head of School, The School in Rose Valley
Michael Toohey, Chief Financial Officer, George School

Margaret van Steenwyk, Assistant Head of School, Church Farm School
Anthony Williams, Head of School, The Neighborhood Academy