PAIS Launches a Wellness Series for Schools for 2022-23!
The last few years have revealed both the strengths and challenges in our educational programs. One silver lining is the importance of mental health and well being has moved to center stage. We have realized that in order for our teachers and staff members to be their best AND in order for our students to find joy in their learning, we must feel safe, included, and attend to our mental health needs.

PAIS is highlighting mental health, wellness, and well being in 2022-23 and offering a Wellness Series. In our Wellness Series, there is something for all educators and staff in our schools, and EVERYONE at your school may participate in as many webinars/workshops as they choose AND have access to an exclusive YouTube Channel of the recordings. It’s an incredible value for our member schools and features a diverse lineup of presenters from within PAIS schools and from the national scene.

$450 PAIS Schools less than 200 $650 PAIS Schools between 200-500 • $850 PAIS Schools more than 500
Each school will select a point person for communication purposes, to serve as a liaison between the school teachers and staff, and PAIS.

  • Learn practices that center wellness
  • Understand the importance of resilience in sustaining well being
  • Develop a school program that works in partnership with outside professionals to support student mental health
  • Explore tools for helping students become more emotionally aware
  • Learn the latest data regarding drug risks to our youth
  • Expand the toolbox of data-driven resources
  • Learn how stress and anxiety are manifested in our youth
  • Be given the opportunity to collaborate on the topic of wellness with peers in other independent schools in Pennsylvania and Delaware, and more!


Additional Ongoing Mindfulness and Meditation Evening Sessions September - April

SAVE the DATE for a full day, in-person PAIS & ADVIS Wellness Summit 
December 7, 2022
Although offered outside of this Wellness Series, all subscribers will receive a discount